Sample Content Inventory Templates

Free Download Sample Content Inventory Templates

Content inventory is a list of all the content that is on the site that you operate. Details of content inventory are usually text, images, documents, and applications uploaded on the site.

Content inventory can be used to get a comprehensive insight of the content. However, you must first rate each content. Check whether the existing content has been placed in the right place, has been updated, and in accordance with trends.

You need to know the following before recording content inventory:

  1. Know the reason for conducting an audit so that the inventory process is focused, fast, and not excessive.
  2. Determine the area of ​​the site to be inventoried or the specific date range that must be recorded.
  3. Know what information will be included in the inventory report.

Although each inventory report is unique, some items include raw data as follows:

  • Content title
  • Content URL
  • Content file format
  • Meta description
  • Meta keywords
  • Categories or tags
  • The date the content was created
  • Date of content revised
  • Date of content accessed

After you have recorded your inventory, you need to turn the raw data into something useful for auditing purposes. Some of the purposes of audit are to track:

  • which pages need to be deleted
  • which content needs to be revised
  • any content that needs to be written because there are gaps
  • where new content is moved or transferred

Content inventory is needed by website developers so that their projects run smoothly, as promised, and on time. Here are some inventory templates that can help you:

  • Free Download Sample Content Inventory Template
  • Free Download Data Inventory Template
  • Free Download Supply Inventory Template
  • Free Download Content Inventory Quality Checklist Template
  • Free Download Computer Equipment Inventory Template
  • Free Download Software Inventory Template
  • And many more!


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