Sample Inventory List Templates

Free Download Sample Inventory List Templates

The inventory list is the mainstay of businesspeople and store owners to track the stock of their goods. By looking at the list, they can find out the existing stock of goods, out of stock items, and what items need to be bought back. It also helps them analyze what items are selling in the community.

Meanwhile, a restaurant inventory list is useful for tracking the ingredients needed by each cuisine menu. This is very useful to prevent the restaurant from running out of raw materials which results in failure to satisfy the customer because the food menu requested is not available. This will make customers less trust in restaurant services and may not return to the restaurant again.

Inventory is considered a business asset because it contains information on goods entering and leaving the storage area. Not only that, inventory also sometimes records expenses so that it can be used as a reliable financial statement.

Here are some sample inventory list templates:

  • Free Download Inventory List Template
  • Free Download Product Inventory List Template
  • Free Download Equipment Inventory List Template
  • Free Download Convenience Store Inventory List Template
  • Free Download Purchase Order Inventory List Template
  • Free Download Storage Inventory List Template
  • Free Download Clothes Inventory List Template
  • And many more!

To make an inventory list, you need a computer word processing program or spreadsheet. Download the available template then open it in the computer program you selected according to the file type. As a general rule for property inventory, you can start to inventory the items that you want to protect with insurance. So, you don’t need to record everything.

Meanwhile, for a list of merchandise inventory, you can group them by category. Include a copy of the receipt that matches the category in the inventory. You might also need to include a photo copy of the item.

Keep a list of inventories on a secure computer, with a password that is only known to certain people (authorized people). Also print this inventory list and keep it in a safe place.

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